We once had a person in the industry say they've never found a company that does BOTH photo & video great...until they met us!  It's a one stop shop with us friends!  Not only do we give you tons of incredibly beautiful moments/portraits of your wedding day through still photographs, we also create gorgeous cinematic highlight films.  We love connecting with couples and their families to help create life long memories.  Our goal is for you to re-live this amazing day over and over again and not only look and sound amazing, but for it to stir your emotions each time you watch it.  Hopefully reminding you both why you decided to make these promises to one another.  (often we forget after years & years of marriage) Truly feeling all of those same emotions you will feel on the day each time you watch your film. Through still photographs, we can capture each moment in a beautiful way but there is absolutely nothing like hearing the words of encouragement and good wishes from your loved ones to you on your wedding. Watch some of our work- fall in love with what we do as we have.   

You will be so HAPPY you did! 

Wedding Coverage starts at $2800 See pricing for more details


  • Cara & Luke

    Cara & Luke promised forever to one another at the beautiful Avalon Legacy Ranch in Mckinney, Tx and had every amazing trend you could think of. It was a photographer/videographer's dream day. They were such a blast to work with and filled with so much JOY and LOVE - here is our take on their beautiful wedding.

  • Annalise & Maxwell

    OH THIS DAY!!! Trinity River Autobahn never disappoints and combined with the purest love and adoration these humans all had for one another...ahhh! Priceless. The butterfly garden ceremony, their sincere toasts, their sweet first dances & the private last dance song ("In spite of ourselves"- John Prine) go check it out. All so so incredible. ENjoy

  • Katelyn & Jeremy's Mexico Destination Wedding

    These two are as fun and adventurous as they come. Their plan was to sky dive directly on to the beach and say I do with their closest loved ones (and now us, of coarse). The resort wouldn't allow it but they both jumped out of a plane on their honeymoon and and it was a crazy wild time! Enjoy all of the greatness we had with this group of incredible humans.

  • Anitha & Shail

    We love Indian weddings. The colors, the culture, the people, the traditions, the music, the wedding attire....all of it! These gorgeous lovers did it right. Ahhh what a day!

  • Perri & Scott

    Perri & Scott got married at the gorgeous White Sparrow Barn in TX on a gorgeous fall afternoon. The weather, the wedding party, the venue, the details, and even the lovers saying I do......were all perfect. We only shot video for this wedding but worked along side so many fantastic other vendors to make this day seamless for the couple. Enjoy all the best moments of the day.

  • Christy & Cody

    Christy never thought she'd find love again after divorcing the father of her 4 beautiful babies. Fate had a different plan for them. When she least expected to find love- love found her. This is such a beautiful story.

  • Michelle & Gary

    This week celebration for Gary & Michelle was more than anything we've ever experienced. We enjoyed family, friends from all over the world and lots of fantastic music in . With thick Irish heritage, they vowed forever on St. Patrick's Day at the Vancouver International Airport. They said I do, we danced and drank, & sent them directly off to Bora Bora! It was a dream!

  • Kathy & Khalil

    These two smiled from beginning to end of this easy and oh so fun wedding day. They had someone bring their fur babies to the venue wearing little tuxes. There were lots of happy tears, unforgettable moments & tons of killer dance moves. We think this film gives a perfect depiction of how sweet this day felt for everyone involved. We hope you enjoy it as we did.

  • Cara & Ethan

    They said I do at the infamous Marty Leonard Chapel in Fort Worth Tx then partied the night away at the super cool Modern Art Museum also in Fort Worth, TX. What a great day. What great folks. Watch it- you'll love them like we do.

  • Tina & Viet

    Wedding Venue: Renaissance Hotel Dallas, TX Floral Design/Planning: Love and Sparrows

  • Heather & DJ

    We headed off to Mexico with this fun group only to find ourselves in the middle of tropical storm season. It literally poured buckets of water the entire weekend. We shifted ceremony location plans around to avoid the rain but that didn't mess up the fun this group had. But that's marriage, that's life. Roll with it and keep on smiling.

  • Jennifer & Beau

    Listen to these precious letters/promises they wrote and read to one another at their first look. We HIGHLY recommend it. Prob my fav part of the day. Adore these two beautiful souls.

  • Rebecca & Jonathan's Destination Wedding Teaser

    This wedding took place under these enormous Red Wood trees in the forest and in record breaking temps of 113 degrees- Shortly after they said "I do" we drove over to the coast for their cliffside Reception overlooking the ocean with the most breathtaking views and amazing sunset sky. We ate, we laughed and cried and we danced our booties off! Perfection

  • Lauren & Tyler

    Lauren & Tyler were 2 of the most gentle and kind human souls. Their families and all of their friends were so easy to love and laugh with. They said I do in their hometown church then partied the night away at the historical Hall of State building in downtown Dallas. This is our creative take on their wedding.