FAQ’s are frequent because they are important.

Don't skip over, you need to know this stuff!   

Transparency is ALWAYS best.  We want to keep everything out in the open and keep you as informed as possible.  Aaaand it save us time too!  

  • I wanna book/talk, how long will it take you all to get back with me? We respond to emails within the hour (unless we are at a wedding, the nanny's off or it's late and we are snoozing) then we respond within a few hours.  
  • We generally book 9-12 months in advance for popular months (April-June & Oct-Nov).  So if you are inquiring and your date lands within that time, you best be ready to book ASAP because dates (especially Saturdays) go very quickly.  Just being real!
  • Delivery Time: We deliver wedding photos within 6-8 weeks but we usually do a sneak peek the week after your wedding to hold you over so you will have a better photo than everyone's cell phone pix on social media.  
  • Video Info: We deliver a 5-8 Minute Highlight Reel. Examples are under the “video” tab on the website. Please!!! Go take a look! We also give you ALL THE RAW FOOTAGE of the entire ceremony, speeches, and other sentimental moments we capture. As much as we wish we could deliver video as fast as photo, it’s not possible. Video is actually 100x more time-consuming in the editing process. We have to watch all the footage multiple times, sync audio, put clips together to tell your beautiful & fun love story, find the perfect timeless music (this is where we Rock), etc. Depending on the time of year, we try to deliver the video within 10-14 weeks but sometimes it could take longer.  We will keep communication open between us along the way as with everything else.  
  • What is The "Support Group": This is new for 2018 and we are pumped about it. Once you decide to book us, Joy will add you to our private FB group that has a lot of our past & current couples in there! She post tips, suggestions, ideas on what’s best for photos, recommendations of other vendors (coordinators, cake, florist, etc). The other couples sometimes post in there seeking for advice from past couples who have already had their wedding. Example: “Looking for a kick-A makeup artist within this X amount. Please comment some recs!” — stuff like that. We are very excited to be starting this support group we have going on for our clients and believe it’s a unique experience that we offer.
  • Do we get all of our photos? Absolutely! The only photos we do not deliver is mid-blinking, blurry or unflattering photos that we know you won’t have any desire to print/have. Our usual delivery is 400-1,000 photos. But we do not put a cap on how many.  It just depends on how long we are hired for and how much fun we have on the dance floor. We do not send you any RAW (un-edited) photos – you are hiring us for our editing style and trust that we send all the right photos.  
  • How do you deliver photos? Online Gallery with full High-Resolution digital download of the images. No watermarks or logos will be on the photos. We give you a download code so you have full access to your pictures and you can share/print away. We also offer discounted rates for printing through us directly.  Our clients have had several issues over this past year with prints from non-professional print companies not coming out as they should and folks disappointed with them.  You pay a lot of money for these incredible images- don't skimp on the prints.  We want you to decorate your home and walls with these memories.  
  • How do we book? We send you the contract and the package you decide to book via our invoicing program, Honeybook. It's usually half of the total package for photo only or it’s $1,500 retainer for photo+video packages. The remaining balance is due 3 weeks before the wedding. Easy right?! 
  • Do we meet with clients before booking? Since we book 35+ weddings a year plus engagement/bridals/boudoir sessions, PLUS all the time we need for editing on the weekdays, and still try to be kickass parents – as much as we love getting to know you before you book, we don't feel one on one meetings are abolutely necessary. One of the big reasons why our website is transparent is so you can know right away if we are the right choice for you. We also have The Support Group and engagement sessions to get to know one another! Social media is another “get to know us” approach, too. We always do Instagram stories and Facebook LIVE so you can feel connected to our personalities so that we don’t feel like strangers to you. We will certainly keep in touch often and are always easy to get ahold of through email or phone call.  If you feel more comfortable meeting first- let's make time for a "Mombo Taxi" and get to know one another. 
  • What do you mean you are open to talking about our budget? Money is never easy to talk about, but we strive to make it transparent and open communication. We are full-time photographers and don't rely on another form of income to feed our family and save for the future.  While we truly WANT to work with budgets (and we always try too!) – it’s just not always available because we have a “hard cost” in order to profit and stay in business. With that being said, here are some things that make it more likely to work with you if our pricing is not within your budget. 1)Having a wedding on any other day than Saturday 2) Having a wedding during “off” season (which is Dec-March) OR 3) Your wedding is last minute and around the corner (within 3-6 months).