Our family sessions are super fun and easy!  We start out with our classic family portrait style images and then move into a more playful and more laid back time together.  My goal is to help create an environment where you feel comfortable just being yourselves, being silly with your babies, your partner and me!  I don't just throw you in front of my camera and watch you feel clueless ;) I coach you into what looks natural- I am very attentive to detail and hope to catch anything out of place or awkward looking.  I truly want you to LOVE each image I deliver to you and for you to see far past the esthetics of the shot, but more feel the emotion and heart behind it.  I shoot for 40,50, 60 years from now.  These images will pass from this generation to the next and will hopefully be an accurate glimpse into how much love you have for one another.    Time is flying by.....don't make excuses why you aren't "ready" to have photos taken with your babies and your loved ones.  Your children nor yourself will ever regret these captured seasons in your lives!

I would be honored to do that for you and your family.